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The city of Laitila uses the employment appropriations primarily to employ people in Laitila whose unemployment is prolonged or who are subject to a municipal employment obligation. The employment is conditional on the TE Office granting wage subsidies.

The aim of the employment and work activities organised by the municipality is to promote the employment of unemployed jobseekers in the open labour market and to improve the chances of people with reduced working capacity and long-term unemployed persons aged 60 and over to find work and participate in working life. These objectives are promoted through job search guidance, the development of work-life skills and the improvement of individual employment opportunities. Work tasks can also be used to assess work capacity and specific skills. The work activities are carried out in different city departments, Palke 5, the recycling centre and partner companies. The possibilities of employment with wage subsidies are first discussed with the own official at the TE Office/municipal pilot scheme.

Further information from the Employment and Immigration Manager