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Laitila’s development goes hand in hand with the success of local businesses. Laitila has long been committed to an active business policy and close cooperation with businesses.

The City of Laitila’s business office serves entrepreneurs, start-ups and businesses moving to Laitila. We help start-ups and operating businesses with issues such as setting up a business and solving business premises issues. Support is also available in the areas of business development and financing. We work together to find a successful solution for your company to locate in the area.

The City of Laitila offers advisory services on business start-up, support and development issues in cooperation with Ukipolis Oy, a company jointly owned by the municipalities of Vakka-Suomi.

Rural entrepreneurs can access services through the Vakka-Suomi Joint Rural Service, organised by the municipality of Vehmaa and located at Laitila Town Hall.

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Start-up and development of a business

Whether you are starting a business or need advice on how to develop your business, the City of Laitila buys business start-up and development advisory services from Ukipolis Oy, which offers free advice and consulting to individuals and start-ups considering starting a business.

An appointment can be booked directly with the start-up advisers at Ukipolis Ltd.

The Business Interpreter service provides entrepreneurs with a wide range of basic information – guides, workbooks, forms and spreadsheets – for starting a business, planning, financing, and managing finances and marketing.

Business areas and plots

The city of Laitila offers diverse and attractive business areas that suit different business needs. Whether you are a small entrepreneur, a growing start-up or a larger company, we have the right place for you.

Our business areas are strategically located along highway 8 with good transport links, making it easy to transport goods and reach customers. About 3 kilometres from Laitila towards Turku, the Samppanummi and Koveronnummi business parks are located on both sides of the highway. Kasitie Business Park is located right next to the city centre, next to Länsirannikon Koulutus Oy Winnova.

Feel free to contact us and find the right area for your business in our city. We want to support you in the growth and success of your business.

Farming for entrepreneurs

Laitila rural area is vibrant and enterprising. It has a 12,500 hectares of farmland are home to a wide variety of crops. Laitila is a nationally important production area for open horticultural crops, for example carrots and onions account for about one sixth of Laitila’s national production and half of it’s provincial production. Laitila grows almost half of the early potatoes coming from the province and about a third nationally. Laitila is well known for its egg production, and still accounts for more than 10% of all eggs in Finland. Laitila has around thirty seasonal growers, which is a national distinction.

Laitila’s rural affairs are managed by the Vakka-Suomi municipalities’ cooperation area, hosted by Vehmaa. On the website of the rural administration you will find contact details of the staff on duty, up-to-date advice on the agricultural aid scheme and training materials.