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Water maintenance

Water maintenance facility

We supply high-quality groundwater to local residents and businesses. We have six water wells of our own. In addition, we buy domestic water from the water supply company of the municipality of Eura, which is piped through the Hinnerjoki-Laitila interconnector.

From the domestic water distributed to the network, we remove iron and manganese by sand/soil filtration and excess fluoride by membrane filtration (reverse osmosis). PH is controlled by filtering the water through a layer of limestone powder.

All waste water is discharged to Uusikaupunki via a transfer sewer. Vakka-Suomen Water treats wastewater at the Häpönniemi wastewater treatment plant, which is a biological activated sludge plant. Phosphorus is precipitated chemically.
We maintain and rebuild the sewerage network and numerous sewage pumping stations.

Contact information

Water Management Officer Henri Nurmi
tel. 050 375 8052
Foreman Santeri Pilpola
Laboratory technician Jyri Aulin

tel. 050 550 1363
– connection work, maintenance work,emergency service 24h
– emergency tel. 050 550 1363