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Food services

Food service in schools

Varppeen koulun ruokasalin linjasto jouluna 2023
Varppeen koulun ruokasali

The central kitchen of Varppee school prepares lunches for all the schools in the town and for the group day care center at Itäkulma school.The central kitchen prepares around 1 200 lunches a day. In addition, breakfast and snack supplies are delivered to the group day-care center. Vegetarian main meals for all meals are available every school day.
The national nutrition advisory board’s school meal recommendations form the basis for menu planning in Laitila’s schools. School meals are an essential part of the school’s food education and the promotion of the well-being of the whole school community. School meals also play an important role in ensuring good nutrition and promoting health and well-being for the population as a whole. School meals are part of school-based food education. From a pedagogical point of view, school meals can be used to introduce pupils to issues such as the health, quality, price and environmental impact of food, food technology, globalization, multiculturalism, local food culture, different diets and the importance of good habits.
According to the national nutrition council’s school feeding recommendation, school meals should provide about one third of a pupil’s daily energy needs. So children need tasty and nutritious food at home too.

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Early childhood education food service

Tasty, colourful and attractive food is the basis of menu planning. The food choices for meals and snacks follow the food recommendations for early childhood education published by the national nutrition council. Lunch at the Laitila early childhood education center is prepared in the kitchen of the Apilaniity day-care center. Breakfasts, snacks and lunchtime side dishes are prepared in the kitchens of Apilaniity and Pähkinäpensaa. The kitchen at the Apilaniity day-care center prepares a total of just under 400 portions of lunch every day for the children and staff in early childhood education.

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