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Recycling Center

The recycling center is a true place of discovery. Anyone can take their discarded treasures there and then someone else can find a new treasure to cherish.

Niinisuontie 5, tel. 0503881590, kierrä
Open from:
Monday 10-17
Tuesday 10-15
Wednesday 10-15
Thursday 10-17
Friday 9-14

We accept intact, clean and usable goods: furniture, crockery, household textiles and furnishings, handicraft and craft supplies, electrical and electronic equipment, bicycles, tools, machinery, books (not encyclopaedias, school books, Selected Pieces).

We do not accept; clothing, safety equipment (e.g. car seats, bike helmets, child gates) that cannot be guaranteed safe, counterfeit goods (illegal to sell even used), VHS tapes, old-fashioned ski boots and snowmobiles, old regular skis and snowmobiles with old-fashioned bindings, pianos, safes (asbestos risk).

Customers can collect items from us for a small fee. Some are even free.

We also have a paid transport service in cooperation with Jätehuolto Helistölkä and Novida. We hope you have your own carriers with you.

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