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Urban planning

Land use planning is the process of guiding the use and construction of land in order to create the conditions for a good living environment and to promote ecologically, economically, socially and culturally sustainable development.

The updated land-use plan can be found on Laitilan city Internet-map service(siirryt toiseen palveluun).

Planning review

According to Section 7 of the Land Use and Building Act, a planning review is an overview prepared by the municipality of the most important planning projects that are in progress or will be in the near future in the municipality and the county council. The aim of the zoning report is to improve the opportunities for local residents to participate in and influence zoning and to bring zoning closer to the citizens. It is produced once a year.

The plans are prepared in cooperation with residents, authorities and other partners. The preparation of master plans and town and country plans is guided by both the vitality committee and the city council. In Laitila, preparation of zoning and other land use planning is the responsibility of the town planning department.

Laitila City Council approved the 2024 planning review at its meeting on 18.3.2024 § 16.

Planning and geographic data fees

At the meeting on 19.6.2023 § 149, the City Council of Laitila approved the Tariff for Planning and Geographical Information (data).

 Planning-and-geographic-fees-01082023-alkaen.pdf(avautuu uuteen ikkunaan)

Citizen participation in urban planning

A participate in urban planning – a guide provides information on how local residents can interact with the planning process.

A participate urban planning – citizen guide (pdf)