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Vocational youth work in the city of Laitila is goal-oriented welfare and educational work. Education in youth work is educational for young people both as individuals and as members of the community. Professional youth work is multifaceted work with young people, carried out by growth professionals, where each person is seen as a whole individual. Vocational youth work plays a central role in the process of young people’s growth, alongside the work of other growth professionals. Vocational youth work in Laitila provides a neutral ground for growth, development and meeting in a safe environment under the guidance of an adult, based on voluntary participation.

Meeting young people in the different settings of local youth work, such as youth centres and schools, is a unique opportunity to identify their potentials, but also their risk factors, and to try to address them. Youth work professionals have an unmistakable potential to complement the adult support network for young people in the city.

Youth work is organized through a variety of youth work activities, such as open youth spaces, theme nights, recreational activities, excursions and events. The main target groups for the various activities and services are young people aged 10-28. For more information on the activities for the different target groups, please consult this website.

You can also suggest different wishes and ideas for activities to the Youth Office. We want to offer activities that are in popular demand. For example, if you’re looking for a trip to a specific destination, let us know!