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Applying for an apartment

To be able to rent an apartment in a house hosted by the city of Laitila, you need to fill out an apartment application (you will switch to another service)(siirryt toiseen palveluun). The application is valid for three months at a time and can be updated by phone, email or by visiting the city hall’s service desk in Avitus. If your situation has changed since the previous application, you must fill out a new application. We will contact you if or when we can offer an apartment.

Selection criteria

A large part of the apartments we host are Arava rental apartments. This means that the state has subsidized the construction of the house so that the rents would be more affordable than the private market. When selecting tenants, we follow the tenant selection criteria established by the state, i.e. the applicant’s income, assets and need for housing affect the availability of housing. Resident selections are made according to priority order. You can find more detailed information on resident selection and related criteria in the resident selection guide published by ARA at will go to another service))(siirryt toiseen palveluun).

Credit information

We check the credit information of apartment applicants when processing the application. Credit problems do not directly prevent you from getting a rental apartment, but if credit problems result in rent debts, it can affect your chances of getting an apartment.

Housing offer

If we have an apartment to offer, the property manager will call or send an email to the applicant. If you have received an apartment offer, you can ask the property manager about a possible apartment inspection. We ask that you respond to the offer without delay, even if the apartment is not accepted. If you do not respond to the offer, your application will be deleted, assuming that there is no longer a need for housing.


The rental agreement is concluded either for a fixed period or for an indefinite period. A lease that is valid for the time being will only end when either the tenant or the landlord terminates it. Before signing the lease agreement, all applicants of legal age must submit, upon request, the annexes to the housing application, such as income certificates and tax rulings.


All rental agreements are accompanied by a contract security. The contract deposit must be paid before the rental agreement is signed. The contract deposit is returned at the end of the tenancy, if the apartment is in good condition and carefully cleaned and the landlord has no other claims. The contract security is therefore not only for rental receivables, but it can be used to fulfill all contractual obligations, such as apartment repair costs (excluding normal wear and tear).

The amounts of collateral related to rental agreements vary depending on the size of the apartment and the year the house was built/renovated. In general, the security deposit is equal to one or at most two months rent.