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Apilaniity day-care center

The Apilaniity day-care center is located close to the center of Laitila, with good transport connections. The staff and children have access to a variety of learning environments, as the library, swimming pool, sports hall and ice rink are within walking distance. Our kindergarten was built in 2018 and offers modern facilities and versatile equipment for early childhood education. Our courtyard is large and varied, divided into three sections and offering safe play opportunities for both young and older children.

In the 2023-2024 period, Apilaniity day-care center will have seven early childhood education groups, two pre-school groups, an integrated small group and a day care group for children in need of 24-hour care.

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Groups & contact details:

  • Playgroups 5-6 year group: 0403528291
  • Racers 4-5 year group: 0447455690
  • Cat-bells pre-school: 0447568170
  • Preschoolers pre-school: 0407176285
  • Butterflies 3-4 year group: 0407544006
  • Bumblebees 3-4 year group: 0403572371
  • Poppies and Little Poppies 1-3 year group: 0407177048
  • Hepatocyte and Little Hepatocyte 1-3 year group: 0407159491
  • Pets (24-hour care): 0407104141
Apilaniityn esiopetuksen vuosisuunnitelma
Apilaniityn esiopetuksen vuosisuunnitelma 23-24 (1) (pdf)
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Apilaniityn päiväkodin toimintasuunnitelma
Apilaniityn päiväkodin toimintasuunnitelma 23-24 (pdf)
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