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Finnish Wind Band enthusiasts, both professional and amateur, get together once a year. In year 2020 we will meet in western Finland in the city of Uusikaupunki. The featured instruments this time will be especially woodwind instruments. We hope to see you there, too.

The dates of the Festival are March 20-22nd. 

The registration is open now. We recommend to registrate before January 31st. The entrance fee of 100€ includes all the program of the festival (concerts, lectures, exhibitions, demos etc.), however not the accommodation and meals. Accommodation you can book here.

The program (All the events will be at Cultural Centre Cruselli unless other venue mentioned.)

Friday March 20th 

12pm Exhibitions open

12:30 Press release: The program of Crusell Festival to be announced

Lectures and workshops for wind instrument teachers 

1 pm Paul Harris: Simultaneous Learning

3pm Taina Räsänen: Active music listening

4pm Paul Harris: The Virtuoso Teacher

7pm Overcast -The Music of Ed Partyka  Umo Helsinki Jazz Orchestra conductor Ed Partyka, soloist Nina Mya, vocal. Tickets

9pm Get together party with Võru Music School Wind Band (EST)

Saturday March 21st

9am Opening Ceremony, Exhibitions open

Repertoire Concerts Grades 0-3

09:45 am Grade 0-2 Vakka-Suomen Musiikkiopisto - Music School Youth Band. Tickets

11 am Grade 2-3 Laitilan soittokunta ja Uudenkaupungin VPK:n soittokuntaTickets

1 pm Lefreque demo session, conductor Jyrki Koskinen

3 pm Grade 2-3 Võru Music School Wind Band (EST) Tickets

4 pm Meetings

7pm Concert the Finnish Navy BandUudenkaupungin uusi kirkko (the Church of Uusikaupunki) Soloist: Tuulia Ylönen, clarinet. Conductors: Petri Junna and Tero Haikala

The Reception of the City of Uusikaupunki and evening party with Hämpton Dixieland Band

Lectures on Saturday:

Klo 9:45 Jukka-Pekka Lehto: New tones - Suita 4

10:15-11:00 Chester Phillips: Technique, teaching and planning for marching.

11:30-12 Jukka Viitasaari and Jukka-Pekka Lehto: A Shape of Finns to Come

12:30- 13 Lassi Ikäheimo: Junior Tattoo -info

13:30-14:00 Rune Hannisdahl: How to Build a Band -the Norwegian model. How to recruit new members and keep the ones you've got?

15:00 Stephen Mitton: Creative Programming Solutions for Band

Sunday March 22nd

9am  Exhibitions open

10 The Mass in the Church. Suomen vapaakirkon puhallinorkesteri, conductor Kai Piikkilä.

11am Childrens Concert  The Finnish Navy Bands Woodwind quintet: "Bremen town Musicians" Tickets

12pm  A panel discussion

1pm Concert Rauma Youth Band conducted by Chester Phillips. Tickets